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Artistic Portrait

I like the portrait very much. It represents in image the emotion of a person, frozen in time and space. A window revealing the soul of a simple moment. A self-expression, custom made, that deserves a personalized attention and an artistic touch allowing to relive that same moment each time the picture is looked at. 

Nancy_L 1.jpg

Business portrait / Corporate Headshot

Just like the personalized portrait, the corporate portrait must highlight and reflect your corporate and professional personality. At your office or in the studio, we will find together the right approach for your professional image. You can use this image on social networks such as LinkedIn, or for your resume.


Boudoir, Sensual portrait, Artistic nude.

I have a deep respect and appreciation for women and my more sensual portraits echo that sentiment. Showing strength and vulnerability in one image is quite breathtaking for me as a photographer. My spouse has been working hand in hand with me. Together and with her, I am able to capture the singular experience of the most intimate of moments, your moments. 

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